Neuwasser Language Services is a full-service translation, content-editing and content-production agency based in Berlin. We offer more than 15 years of experience with all types of translation, ranging from corporate, legal and journalistic documents to academic texts across a wide variety of disciplines. Our services include:


While we specialize in German to English and English to German, we also offer other language pairs, such as German-French, German-Italian and Italian-German. We work on the “four-eyes” principle, ensuring that every translated document is also proofread and reviewed for terminological accuracy and natural target-language flow.


Websites, marketing materials, catalogs, software text, databases, contracts, legal documents. We help you speak to your customers in their own language.


We ensure your English-language texts are as clear, graceful and persuasive as possible.


Multi-language, multi-location and/or multi-month projects. We track the details of deadlines and terminological consistency so you don’t have to.


Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll help you convey it with the persuasive power of a native speaker.

Our clients include major publishing companies, internationally recognized think tanks and research-oriented foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, newspapers, top retailers, authors and educational institutions.

We work quickly, reliably and collaboratively with you to ensure your voice and message are conveyed with the highest possible degree of clarity and precision.


Neuwasser founder Dr. Barbara Serfozo has been active as a translator, educator and editor since 2000. After completing her Ph.D. at Georgetown University in 2002, she worked as a freelance translator specializing in EU, German and international policy-related issues.

Since the agency’s creation, Barbara and her team have developed numerous areas of expertise including marketing communications, academic research, international development, health policy, education policy, migration policy, diversity issues, economics and globalization.

Neuwasser’s team of translators and editors includes trained historians, political scientists, linguists, award-winning journalists and published authors.

We know that translation involves more than finding word-to-word correspondences. Our team will work with you to understand your text’s spirit and register, audience and intention, so language doesn’t get in the way of your communications.


To contact us, please send an email to info@neuwasser-languageservices.com, or call +49 30 5462 7330.

We’d be happy to provide you with a quote for your project, large or small.